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Tiffany Laslett

Tiffany Laslett

Tiffany Laslett



Tiffany has worked as a solicitor in a number of jurisdictions – Western Australia (Perth), Queensland (Brisbane) and South Australia. She is an extremely experienced solicitor, having worked for over 25 years representing injured persons and having handled some of the most complex and challenging cases: birth injuries, brain and spinal injuries and amputation injuries.

Tiffany appreciates that litigation can be stressful and the processes sometimes difficult for people to understand. She develops empathetic and trusting relationship with her clients and is committed to ensuring that they receive payment of fair compensation.

She enjoys challenging cases, specialising in medical negligence claims. Working in Perth enabled her to handle many serious mining accident claims. She also has extensive experience in motor vehicle accident, public liability, superannuation and workers compensation claims.

When she is not working, Tiffany is a keen overseas traveller, loves photography, perfecting her Spanish language skills, gardening and playing with her chocolate Labrador, Mocha.

  • Areas of specialisation

    • Medical Negligence
    • Catastrophic Injuries
    • Work Injuries
    • Mining Accidents
    • Motor Vehicle Accidents
    • Public Liability Claims
  • Significant achievements

    A brief overview of some of the hundreds of cases Tiffany has successfully resolved include:

    • Birth injury claims involving cerebral palsy;
    • Motor vehicle accident claims involving traumatic brain injury, spinal injuries and amputation as well as fractures and soft tissue injuries;
    • Misdiagnosis of bacterial meningitis as a viral illness resulting in permanent brain damage to a young boy;
    • Failure to detect a subdural haematoma on radiological films following a hockey injury resulting in serious brain injury;
    • A number of claims involving delayed diagnosis of a bowel perforation during abdominal surgery leading to the development of peritonitis;
    • Several cases involving delayed diagnosis of cancer resulting in reduced life expectancy;
    • Complications from cosmetic surgery including extensive and unacceptable scarring;
    • Multiple claims involving injuries sustained on mining and construction sites;
    • Multiple claims involving fatalities caused by the failure of treating hospitals or doctors to properly diagnose an illness or injury or to appreciate its severity;
    • Numerous public liability claims involving slippery and hazardous areas;
    • Multiple claims involving injuries sustained on mining and construction.
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