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What is medical negligence?

Medical practitioners, hospitals and other providers of health-related services have a duty to take reasonable care for the safety and wellbeing of their patients.

Sometimes, a patient may receive treatment or advice that has resulted in an adverse outcome, resulting in injury, illness or death.

If the outcome was caused negligence of a medical practitioner, hospital or another provider of health-related services, you may be entitled to compensation.


How do I know if I have a claim or not?

Lindbloms Lawyers’ team of medical negligence lawyers are experts in their field.

Drawing upon decades of experience, they are usually able to determine if your matter is worth investigating further or not during the initial meeting.

Your lawyer will indicate the amount of damages that might be awarded.  They will also inform you of the likely cost of taking the action and how long the claim may to take to be resolved.


How do you prove negligence of a doctor?

It is up to the court to decide whether the conduct of a medical practitioner, hospital or another provider of health-related services was negligent.

In order to determine a proper outcome, the court will hear evidence from experts who are trained and experienced in the field of medicine which the case concerns.

Lindbloms Lawyers can recommend independent, well respected experts who are not afraid to be critical of poor medical treatment and advice, allowing you to decide about whether to pursue the matter with confidence.


What compensation is payable?

The courts recognise that injury and illness affect many areas of a person’s life.  The aim of compensation is to restore you to the position you would have been in had the negligence not occurred.

Compensation can be awarded for different categories, including economic loss, superannuation losses, medical expenses, voluntary services of friends and family to assist you, paid services of others to assist you, and compensation in case of death / loss of financial support.


Are there time limits?

It is important to speak with Lindbloms Lawyers as early as possible as time limits do apply.

In South Australia, there is generally a limit of three years for adults and three years from the age of 18 for children.

The three-year timeframe may commence from the date or treatment or advice that you are concerned about.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine the commencement date due to the circumstances of your experience.  That’s why it is a good idea to seek legal advice early.


Do I need a specialist lawyer?

Lindblom Lawyers’ team of expert medical negligence lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of medical terminology as a result of many years of experience in handling medical negligence claims.

They can obtain and review copies of your medical records and advise you whether they consider you have a claim and what compensation you may be entitled to.


Lindbloms Lawyers will represent you when you need it most.  They will fight on your behalf to restore the quality of your life.

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