Tiffany Laslett

Passenger injuredOur client was 21 years of age when he was injured as a passenger in a motor vehicle accident.  The car he was travelling in, was in the right hand lane when another vehicle attempted to change lanes and move into the same lane, colliding with his vehicle.

Following the accident he was stiff and sore in his upper and lower back, neck and shoulders.  The injuries failed to resolve.

When the accident happened he was an apprentice electrician. Following the accident he struggled to return to work.

He became increasingly worried about his future and withdrew from relationships with the people around him, eventually being diagnosed with anxiety and depression.  He also developed anger issues and a drug abuse problem.

Like many of our clients who suffer injuries at the start of their working life, Brian had worked in various jobs prior to the accident and we were therefore unable to rely on evidence of continuous employment, or a regular wage to demonstrate a substantial earning capacity.

Nevertheless, with appropriate investigations and the obtaining of medical and witness evidence, we were able to persuade the insurer that Brian’s ability to pursue a career as an electrician had been significantly impacted by his accident and the claim was resolved for in excess of $350,000.00.

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