Tiffany Laslett


As a Medical Negligence Lawyer, I have met many amazing Mums and Dads over the years, parents of children with cerebral palsy or other neurological injuries, who dedicate their entire life to caring for their disabled children.

The needs of such children are many, complex, and costly.

A properly investigated and prepared birth injury claim is critical to ensure that the appropriate compensation is recovered to provide for the child’s future.

Consideration needs to be given to, not only the obvious categories of compensation like payment for medical treatment, but also categories of compensation like:

  • Carer needs, for the remainder of life, with careful consideration of the increasing physical demands of looking after a disabled adolescent or adult;
  • Equipment needs for the present and the remainder of life, including for example wheelchairs, hoists, shower chairs and a modified vehicle;
  • Assistive technology such as PODD communication devices as well as intelligent home operating systems for automated temperature control, lighting control etc;
  • Home modifications and/or purpose built housing, in consultation with both an Occupational Therapist and a Builder/Architect;
  • A hydrotherapy pool for exercise and therapy;
  • Compensation for reduced or loss of capacity to earn an income;
  • The increased cost of holidays due to having to bring equipment and carer(s);
  • The ongoing costs that will be incurred for disposable items such as nappies and incontinence aids, syringes and tubes for PEG feeding etc.

Many of these categories of compensation do not apply in other personal injury claims.

The above entitlements can make a significant difference to the quality of life of both the child and their family.

If a birth injury claim can be made, it is important therefore that your lawyer has expertise in assessing such claims.

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