Tiffany Laslett

Bus Passenger injury

Our client was 64 years of age when she was injured trying to exit a bus through the rear door.

The bus driver, who had been assisting another passenger at the front of the bus, closed the doors without checking to see whether Mary had exited the bus safely first. The doors closed on her, injuring her right shoulder.

Our client was already retired when the accident occurred and so was not entitled to compensation for economic loss. However, prior to her accident she took great pride in keeping her house in a spotless and immaculate condition and maintaining her beautiful garden. She could no longer do this after her accident.

Her shoulder injury significantly restricted her ability to undertake household and domestic chores, interfered with her sleep and caused her pain on a daily basis.  Despite a steroid injection to her shoulder, she still continued to experience ongoing problems.

We focused on obtaining detailed evidence from an occupational therapist as to exactly how difficult it had become for her to undertake her household duties, such that she would require assistance in future, and the claim was able to be resolved for a confidential sum which helped ensure our client could continue on with her life and seek the assistance she needed without the added financial stress.

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