Tiffany Laslett

Assault Our client sought our advice after being assaulted by Police and unreasonably detained.

She was 33 years of age at the time and on the night question was spending an evening in the city with her long term partner and their children.  Police approached them in the street as our client’s partner, who had just left a club, was finishing his drink. Police directed him to stop drinking.

A conversation followed. Without provocation, one of the Police Officers elbowed our client in the head causing her to fall to the ground, his her head with profuse bleeding and temporarily lose consciousness.  She was then arrested and transferred to the City Watch House where she was detained for a period of 5 – 6 hours before being released.

As a result of the assault she suffered scarring to her forehead, but no other physical injuries. She did however experience significant psychological trauma.

At the time of the incident our client was working as a casual factory worker on a part time basis but soon after ceased working for them.  There was an argument as to whether she stopped work because of the injuries or other reasons.

Her shoulder injury significantly restricted her ability to undertake household and domestic chores, interfered with her sleep and caused her pain on a daily basis.  Despite a steroid injection to her shoulder, she still continued to experience ongoing problems.

We focused on obtaining detailed evidence from an occupational therapist as to exactly how difficult it had become for her to undertake her household duties, such that she would require assistance in future, and the claim was able to be resolved for a sum of in excess of $60,000.00.

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