Marina Khoury

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What is Collaborative Practice?

Collaborative Practice is a dispute resolution process in which the clients and their lawyers enter into a participation agreement to constructively negotiate an outcome without needing to litigate.  It is designed to achieve lasting agreements and aims to resolve conflict through interest based negotiation.

How does it work?

The participation agreement states that the solicitors must withdraw if a settlement cannot be negotiated. The parties will then be referred to other solicitors to resolve the dispute through litigation in Court.  This effectively focuses all participants in the negotiation and encourages parties to work together to achieve the clients’ settlement goals.

Clients are able to engage an independent Family Relationship Consultant and a Financial Neutral to assist and provide support in the negotiations.

Clients, their solicitors, and neutral experts engage in open, honest and transparent integrated decision making during structured meetings. The parties remain in control of the negotiations, including the pace and cost of the process. Negotiations are confidential and clients are assisted in reaching an agreement that meets their goals and priorities which may include functioning in future family relationships.

The Collaborative approach has many benefits when compared to the expensive, stressful and lengthy process of going to Court to resolve your family law dispute, or compared with expensive negotiations between solicitors.

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