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Covid virus

Can I make a personal injury claim during COVID?

If you’ve asked yourself that question then we can help.

At Lindbloms Lawyers we are open for business and are continuing to assist people in determining whether they have a viable personal injury claim.

Making the first step to contact a Personal Injury Lawyer about an accident or medical negligence claim can be daunting.  At Lindbloms Lawyers we offer you the opportunity to speak directly to one of our expert Personal Injury Lawyers who will be able to answer your questions and put your mind at rest.  We can do this via a telephone call, in-house meeting or via video/internet based conferencing.

Reasons not to delay reporting your injury

There are strict time-limitations which apply to personal injury claims and so it is even more important during these uncertain times to make sure you don’t delay your notification of injury and claim during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under Court Rules, in some instances you are required to serve written notice of injury within six (6) months of the date the incident occurred. We can assist you to complete any claim forms/documentation either via internet/video conferencing or you attending our offices.

If you have delayed making a claim, an insurer may see this as an indication that your injuries are only minor and having little effect on your ability to carry out daily life.  Any offers of compensation may be reflective of this.

You may require physiotherapy or other allied health treatment which could ease your pain/discomfort – in some circumstances this could be funded by the insurer; you may similarly require assistance with cleaning etc around the home – and in some instances the insurer will consider funding this.

Most importantly, you may have an underlying injury caused by the incident, which requires medical attention.

Don’t delay speaking to someone about your claim. We offer a no obligation 30 minute consultation and in many instances a No/Win no fee retainer agreement can be negotiated.

Are the Courts & Insurance Companies operating?

Yes they are both operating.  Courts and insurance companies have adapted to a new way of working, utilising telephone and virtual Court hearings and settlement conferences.  This is enabling claims to progress towards a satisfactory conclusion, which ultimately benefits our clients.

Where a degree of delay is unavoidable, the Court rules have been updated to allow the parties to agree to a modest extension of time to complete certain tasks.  However, in our experience, we have not experienced much cause to use this option yet.

Can I see experts?

When proceeding with a personal injury claim, in almost all circumstances you are required to be seen by medical and non-medical experts for preparation of  reports in relation to your injuries arising from your accident.

Assessments with these experts can now be attended in person, via video/internet conference or telephone, to keep cases moving.  These reports can be used to support requests for interim payments, for example.

Similarly, allied health clinicians can ensure a client’s rehabilitation continues at home with virtual and written exercise plans until they can see them again in person.

I’m struggling financially, can I get an interim payment or an early settlement?

We recognise that many injured people are facing increased uncertainty during these times.  Often this is on top of a disrupted working pattern due to their injuries.  As a result, we are working hard to obtain the best outcome for our clients to help ease the financial burden, including negotiating interim payments and early settlements.

We have been able to achieve over the past six months numerous settlements for clients which have been achieved by way of virtual joint settlement meetings.  This is where all parties to a claim utilise video conferencing tools and telephone conferencing to negotiate a settlement in much the same way as they did in person, this assists in avoiding long delays in resolving cases, to the benefit of all involved.

What should you do next?

Contact one of our experienced Personal Injury Lawyers today to get advice on what the outcome of your claim could be.

Make a time to catch up for a 30 minute free no obligation appointment.

Ask our staff about our no win/no fee arrangement.