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During these stressful and unprecedented times, families are naturally concerned about the wellbeing and safety of their children and how the lockdown may affect Court Orders and Parenting Plans.

If there are Court Orders or a Parenting Plan in place, you are expected to comply with the terms of those Orders or Plans. You must remain consistent with your responsibility to act in the children’s best interests and this includes facilitating time being spent by the children with each parent pursuant to the terms of those Orders or Plans.

As per the latest lockdown regulations, the South Australian Government has confirmed that people are able to leave their homes to comply with parenting arrangements, whether that is under a Court Order or mutual agreement between parties.

The Chief Justice of the Family Court has said that it is imperative that if the orders cannot be strictly adhered to and are varied by the parties, it is essential that parties ensure that the purpose or spirit of the orders are respected when considering altering arrangements.

For example, if a particular family member normally presents for changeover and is unable to do so due to being in quarantine, another person may need to attend on their behalf.

If your changeovers happen at a location that has been temporarily closed, you may need to discuss a rational solution where the changeover occurs at another convenient location for all parties.

If you have to leave your home to comply with orders or parenting plans and you are questioned by the police in your travel, it may be an idea to have to hand a copy of your parenting plan or orders.

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