Accidents involving passenger or freight trains often have catastrophic consequences for the person or people involved. These accidents can occur when a person is crossing train tracks at a designated pedestrian crossing or when a vehicle is crossing over train tracks while travelling along a road.

Claims for personal injury involving trains are not straight forward and are often vigorously denied by the operators of the rail networks and rail infrastructure.

When deciding whether it may be worthwhile to pursue a personal injury claim if you have been hit by a train, consideration needs to be given to issues such as:

  • The speed and direction the train was travelling;
  • The layout of the train tracks, road and rail crossing;
  • Weather conditions, including wind direction;
  • The sight distance between the train driver and the person/vehicle;
  • The conduct and experience of the train driver;
  • Whether the railway crossing was an active or passive crossing;
  • Whether the accident occurred in a metropolitan or rural area;
  • Whether any previous accidents have occurred at the same location;
  • Whether appropriate control measures were implemented to reduce or eliminate risks of accidents occurring.

We are experienced in pursuing personal injury claims for people who have suffered an injury as a result of being hit by a train. We recently achieved a settlement in excess of $500,000 for a client who was a pedestrian when he was struck by a train and suffered injuries.

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