Woods through the treesThe pitfuls of respresenting yourself in Court

  • When you are emotionally involved in a matter, it can be hard to see ‘the wood from the trees’. As lawyers, we take the emotion out of the matter, and analyse your matter objectively, from a legal standpoint.


  • Many people may inadvertently ‘put their foot in their mouth’ when speaking to a Magistrate or Judge. As lawyers, we appear in the Courts most weeks, and often multiple times a week.  We know what to say and how to say it, and we know what not to say, and when to say nothing at all.


  • You may make a decision as to resolving your matter without being aware of the potential consequences. In many respects, lawyers are risk managers.  We explore the risks inherent in each possible outcome, in order to help you choose the option which presents the least possible risk going forward.


  • You may ask the Court to decide something that is not possible given the facts of your legal matter. We know what range of outcomes are both possible and probable, and we know what we can ask the Court to do.  We can help prepare you for the end result, so that you won’t get taken by surprise.


  • Many people are under the mistaken impression that a Magistrate or Judge can ‘throw’ a matter out of Court early in the proceedings if you dispute the case and explain to the Court why the allegations against you are incorrect. As lawyers, we know the process and procedure, and that the circumstances in which a matter can be summarily dismissed are very rare.  We can guide you through the process, including informing the Court as to why the case is disputed, testing the evidence, and doing the necessary ‘behind the scenes legwork’.

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