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We have experienced team members who can assist with law pertaining to Property, conveyancing and general commercial matters. We can advise and prepare documentation with respect to business structures and contracts, and provide guidance on employment queries and industry disputes. We are involved in all types of litigation and resolution of disputes in all jurisdictions from tribunals, to Magistrates Courts, District and Supreme Courts to the High Court of Australia.

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Our Property & Commercial Law team

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Frequently asked Property & Commercial Law questions

  • Property & Conveyancing

    We provide commercial and residential conveyancing facilities. We give expert legal advice and prepare documents for strata and community titles, building and development contracts and commercial leasing. Lindbloms lawyers provide a range of conveyancing services such as residential property and commercial property acquisition and disposal, leasing of retail, industrial and commercial property.

    Why choose a solicitor to do my conveyancing work?

    Engaging with our solicitors allows us to protect your interests and cover all bases. This can allow us to not only prepare all necessary documents and calculate GST, CGT, taxes and rates, but also check for any injunctions or unregistered documents.  Our solicitors are efficient and thorough keeping you informed at every step which can give you the security you need to move forward with ease.

    Do I need a conveyancer if selling my house privately?

    While it is legal for you to do your own conveyancing work, it is not advised.  It is a very involved process and without the proper knowledge can be easy to make mistakes which will delay settlement.  This opens you up to extra costs imposed on the other party (such as interest) and can even be grounds for termination of the contract.

    When should I begin engagement?

    It is advised to engage our services as soon as practically possible.  This means we can offer help and advice from the earliest possible stage.  It is never advised to enter into any contract or agreement without first discussing and approving it with lawyer.

    What if something does go wrong?

    If any issues do arise, it will be a simple road to resolution as the issue will be self-contained and our team will already have access to requisite information.

  • Commercial/Liquor Licensing

    We advise and prepare documentation with respect to business structures, the purchase and sale of businesses, contracts, Corporations Law, liquor licensing and gaming, trusts, partnerships and associations, franchising, superannuation, trade practices, and corporate and personal insolvency.

  • Finance

    We draft and provide solid legal advice with respect to security and loan documentation for corporate and/or individual borrowers and lenders, Consumer Credit transactions, equipment leasing and hire purchase, loan and security enforcement and debt recovery.

  • Employment Law

    We provide advice and can ensure you receive your deserved employee entitlement. We can answer your queries about awards, employment contracts, enterprise bargaining, industrial disputes and wrongful dismissal.

  • Litigation

    We are involved in all types of litigation and resolution of disputes in all jurisdictions from tribunals, to Magistrates Courts, District and Supreme Courts to the High Court of Australia. We act in a variety of matters including general commercial litigation and contractual disputes, building and construction disputes, defamation claims, trade practices breaches, product liability claims, professional negligence claims and banking disputes.


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