Having a family member with a disability can be extremely challenging and stressful.

This can become more challenging if you have a child with a disability, once they are 18 years of age, or there is an older member of the family who may have dementia. In both cases, they may not have mental capacity.

A person who does not have capacity is not able to make decisions about things that affect their daily life, such as where to live, what to buy, opening a bank account, applying for a debit card or entering into a contract.

Therefore an administrator can be appointed to make financial and legal decisions on that family member’s behalf.

The administrator must act in the best interests of the represented person and take the represented person’s wishes into account when making decisions.

The South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) considers applications for Administration Orders.

John Lewis from Lindbloms Lawyers regularly appears at SACAT and acts for various clients, both young and old, and their families to assist with the preparation of applications and appear at SACAT on their behalf.

John has an empathy and connection with families in these situations.