Martin Faull

Martin Faull talks assets and separation

In the event of a separation what happens to the assets I brought in to the relationship?

One of the most important factors in determining what happens to the assets you brought in to the relationship is the length of the relationship.

The Length of the relationship will have an impact on the percentage share your partner may be entitled to with respect to that particular asset.

There are, however, a number of other issues that the court will consider including whether your partner contributed to the asset  gaining in value.  For example a partner cared for children while the other partner worked and built up the business and the business then increased in value.  That would be seen by the court as to be a similar contribution as your own contribution in running and managing a successful business.

You need advice

Separation and assets are complicated.  You need to seek advice from an experienced family lawyer to ensure that your assets are safeguarded in the event of a separation.  Contact Lindbloms Family Lawyers today for a free 30 minute appointment.