Martin Faull

Conveyancing and Covid 19

We are all aware that the face of the world is changing and more and more business transactions are occurring online.

Conveyancing is no different.

Over the last few years the Land Registries of the various States and Territories have been working hard with all associated parties to move all Real Property transactions to occur via an electronic platform.

Currently there are two approved electronic conveyancing service providers, those being PEXA and Symplii.

Lodgement of Conveyancing documents for settlement of property transactions in South Australia has been transitioning to the electronic platforms over the last 2-3 years with a view to all transactions occurring online once the background systems are in place.  Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic this has all been brought forward with paper based settlement and lodgement is now in the final stages of being phased out completely.

It has now been mandated that all transactions governed by the Real Property Act 1886 will occur online from 3 August 2020.

The benefits for you as a vendor or purchaser are significant as the electronic platform provides a more time efficient method of the parties communicating as well as reducing the risk of a settlement not occurring on the schedule day, thus avoiding the need to re-book banks and rework figures etc.

In addition to this, the South Australian Government has introduced the Covid-19 Emergency Response Act 2020.  Section 17 of this Act allows for the use of audio visual technology where there is a requirement that a meeting occur, or that some other transaction take place, that requires two or more persons be physically present.  In addition to this, the Registrar-General has determined that the use of audio visual technology for the purpose of applying for the Verification of Identity Standard in lieu of an in-person, face to face interview is acceptable.   This will help streamline the conveyancing process during the Covid-19 restrictions.

Here at Lindbloms Lawyers we conduct our Real Property transactions and settlements via PEXA.  We have an experienced in-house Conveyancer who can assist with your property transactions.


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