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Making a new will or amending an old will? Left out of a will or not getting a fair share? Been appointed as an executor? As lawyers who have been specialising in Wills and Estates for over 30 years, we know how to best protect your interests. We have the knowledge and experience in drafting wills to ensure that your wishes are carried out as you intended and to take the burden off of your family. Where necessary, we are ready to litigate on your behalf to ensure that you receive what you are entitled to under a loved one’s will.

Lindbloms Lawyers is experienced in helping clients make a new will or challenge one.

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Areas of Speciality

  • Establishing New Wills
  • Disputing Wills
  • Application for Letters of Administration
  • Property Separation
  • Estate Administration
  • Grant of Probate preparation
  • Estates
  • Wills
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Enduring Power of Guardianship

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Frequently asked Wills & Inheritance questions

  • Do claims have time limitations?

    Claims on wills must be made within a limited time from grant of probate. Personal attention to your probate claim and will dispute. You will work one to one with an expert Estate Solicitor. We will start by making a considered assessment of your standing and likelihood of achieving the legal outcome you desire. Consult with us as soon as possible.

  • What is Probate in Wills & Estates Law?

    When an estate has real property, or shares or bank balances of significance Probate will be required by organisations to release the monies/assets to the estate. An executor is required to make the application for Probate and we can assist with the process. A Grant of Probate is recognition that the named executor is authorised to deal with the administration of the estate.

  • Why is a will important?

    The best way of avoiding a dispute is ensuring you have a legally valid will that sets out your intentions clearly. When making a will, always consult with a proven wills and estates lawyer. Sometimes dependent on your testamentary wishes it may well mean your will could be disputed but we can advise on this and ways to minimise such disputes. Wills are often challenged when immediate family members such as the spouse or children are excluded from the will or do not receive a proportion of the estate they believe they are entitled to.

    Sometimes the validity of the will may be challenged due to undue influence being placed on the testator at the time they made their will or that that the testator did not have the mental capacity to make a will. Whatever the issue we can assist and provide you with relevant and timely legal advice. If necessary we can take the claim to Court or defend the Court action as the case may be.

    By having a valid will in existence when you pass away ensures your estate is distributed as you desire. A will requires you to name an executor who is responsible for gathering in your estate, paying your debts and distributing your assets as you desire to your chosen beneficiaries. Making a will is important because without one your estate is distributed pursuant to the law and it could mean your assets are distributed to persons you do not want to receive any benefit from your estate. A will should be reviewed regularly and in particular at times of marriage or divorce or when children arrive.

  • What do I do if there is no will?

    If there is no will it may be necessary for the next of kin or others close to the deceased to make an application for Letters of Administration to enable the estate be administered. We will assist in this process.

  • Powers of Attorney

    If for any reason you are not able to manage your affairs and would like your financial and personal decisions made by a person of your choice then you should have an Enduring Power of Attorney.

  • Enduring Power of Guardianship

    A Power of Guardianship relates to decisions about a persons medical or lifestyle issues.


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